Depressing hallway


hahah depressed hallway, i love it
anywho, maybe you should add a carpet;;
also maybe some doors to rooms on the sides of the wall? maybe they don’t lead anywhere, they’re just there for decor, :sparkles.:

Use emojis in text :crazy_face:

@vqnillaxx did you find your solution? or do you need more help? i got ideas!

im open to anything ya got

add a dark barrier in the hallway and then add lanterns. get two circle barriers (one yellow one orange) to make a illuminating prop

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also create small decor with the cool ways to use props guide :slight_smile:

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are those good @vqnillaxx? i tried :slight_smile:

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yes very good muy muy bien

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make the floor ever so slightly more textured

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not to be rude, but if you have the idea complete pls mark a solution :slight_smile:

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