Creator Only Perks

Is there a way for me to make it so that there are things only the creator of a game can get? Ex: code. And how would I do it?

Like the host? You’ll need to elaborate.

The creator of a gimkit creative map

Either a host only spawn pad on top of a zone/trigger or lifecycle → no relay → output.

Is there a way to make a code that only I know, to unlock a special item/ability

Yes. Try the save code guide on the forums. If the code is correct, activate a buff.

Could you link the guide?

This one? How to Create a Save File For Your Players


Not a save file, just a code that the creator only knows, and can enter during the game for extra abilities/weapons

Same concept, just that you don’t need to have the part that creates a new code. Just check for one code, or even someone’s name, and grant them a buff.

I have idea, there is a game overlay (button), but you have to click it to a certain rhythm to get the buff
(someone made a guide on rhythm game)

Nice! Could you link it if you know a good one?

this one!

What about god mode?


I have something like that, you could have a zone connected to a trigger, and if the name of the triggering player isn’t ___, then broadcast message “die channel” that signals a respawner.

use a lifecycle → speed/itemgranter/overlay/damagebooster/ etc.

lifecycles only give a message for the host, unless relayed by a relay.

So i remember, like in januruary, there was a forum post, (comment) i think by caturnaut, saying that you can use block code to detect a players name, so that a game can detect if your name is {blah blah blah}
Let me experiment

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They mean only @FunkyGoat101
can access.

place a trigger on the spawn point with visibility off

(in block code)
if triggering player’s name = (ur username)
then broadcast on channel (channel)

use the channel to give yourself speedboost, damage boost, an item, etc.

That won’t work, because triggering player name is a function.