The MOON rhythm game guide mechanics 🟨

So here I am trying to create new interesting guides that have never been thought of Yay credit to @Haiasi because he made me think about this guide because of his bio. Read it, it is so true. so get ready for this guide.

If you don’t know what a rhythm game is let me explain. A rhythm game Is a game where you have to click a button in a certain rhythm It could be fast or slow so you understand now.

The main Idea

You are going to put seven barriers and make them not visible on game start and put the barrier like this

After put a camera view that is all for this part

Getting the rhythm

Put a zone and make it when player enters the zone and wire it to a wire repeater repeat the wire and then wire the wire repeater to a barrier when the wire repeater receives a pulse activate barrier. Put 1 for each barrier beside the one you want to make it the one you want to click. wire and wire the wire repeater to to the wire repeater and wire each one to barrier and make it activate the barrier and it should look like this But don’t do that for the one you want to be pressed

Note This is just getting the rhythm ready and don’t forget to make the delay 1 second or more.

Taking the rhythm away and bringing it back

Note put an extra wire repeater. Start by putting a barrier when you enter the zone and make it not visible on game start then wire the Zone to the Barrier When Player enters zone activate Barrier. Wire the second wire repeater to the first Barrier when the wire repeater receives a pulse deactivate Barrier. Now do that with the Third Wire Repeater to the second Barrier understand. Don’t forget to add an extra wire repeater and Wire that one to the last Barrier like usual here is what it should look like

So This is easy just add another Wire repeater and wire the last one to it and the one you just added to the first one. so it should look like this if you are following along

Making the first stage

This is the Final part If you want it to be but this part is fun so start by putting a text and make it say press the button when the forth Barrier go down this should just be at the beginning of the level. Make sure to have a wall around the camera view. Put a button and make it not pressable at game start. wire the Wire repeater ahead of the fifth Barrier Wire Repeater receives a pulse Activate button. now make it when the next Wire repeater receives a pulse deactivate button and make sure to make it deactivate barrier. now wire the button to the barrier when you first get in to deactivate barrier when the button pressed

So here we have it done If you want it to be but don’t forget there still more If you want it to be amazing

The Extra part but Important

So now that you’re here let’s talk on making this game more fun.

Make sure all the scope is on player

You can change the speed. Don’t forget about how you can change because if you want something hard make the delay shorter not to short

You can add sentry so you can’t just stay in one spot and you have to move around until the button activate

And you can make it s you have to click the button multiple time to leave you can do this by making three button and you have to press them all in three rhythm.

So that it were finally what should the rating be

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
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Interesting. I hope you know how to finish it!

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I accidentally posted this so i’m still working on it and I do know what to do


Looks nice! (I have no idea what a rhythm game is, help?)

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Basically it’s a game where you have to do something to the beat of a song


Friday Night Funkin
Dance Dance Revolution
Hi-fi Rush
Parapa the Rapper

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It a game where you have to click button at a certain time like when a barrier pops up

Nice guide, @MOON! This is needed in Creative!

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@The_7th_Dragon do you understand

Yes, I do, I was simply offline.

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I should have it done by Friday

@The_7th_Dragon I’m stuck on this one part you mind helping

Sorry, I have no idea how you would do this…

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Yay I did it finally

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Nice guide, @MOON !

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thanks I’m really happy with this guide


@GimSolver I did it can you tell me If I should add more?

I don’t really understand what this guide does.

Can you put a gif or something of the operation?

I also don’t understand why it’s a 4/5 difficulty. It’s more like :yellow_square: .

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you want me to explain? @CassiusDoomlorde

I would want an explanation or a video.

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Sure I will explain

Basically you just need multiple barrier and wie repeater wire those together and at the end put three button and three barrier behind you make the button activate when the 4 wire repeater receives a pulse deactivate it and wire all of them to a specific barrier.