The MOON rhythm game guide mechanics 🟨

no, not explain the building, explain what it does when you are done

Umm basically you have to press a button every 4 barrier pop up three times in a row and It can be faster or slower

so like piano tiles almost?

ah you can say basically so I have to go

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Bump why not I got to 160 yay.

I got 200.

Think Just dance and Guitar hero, mixed with DDR and a little Mama’s kitchen. (Look these wonderful games up)

Quick edit it!
you only have 3 DAYS LEFT!!!
Great guide!
I’ve been looking for a guide like this for a loooooooong time!

I will be making another guide on how to make it a actual game.

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No way this guide is a 7-8.

The community voted for it

:yellow_square: is better (whoever that was). Unless my eyes don’t work, I don’t see any blocks whatsoever. Not many properties and triggers either (not saying that makes a :red_square: guide).