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Ok not the good stuff :arrow_down:

ok so I know that this has been done like this one by @JoeTheChicken

but in this guide i’m going to add playground equipment to the mix.


this hopscotch was make by @thatOneCringe
How to make working Hopscotch
and it worked.

How to make a slide

so what you need are
9 poles
a medal sign
5 teleporters
5 triggers

you are going to use 5 of the poles and make them to look like this
then put 2 more of the poles and place them on both sides so it kinda lookes like a ladder
then get the 5 triggers and 5 teleporters and
trigger each of them so that each trigger is connected to the teleport (triggered—Teleport here)
then place it so that a trigger is on one of the teleporter untill it lookes like this
Screenshot 2024-03-07 9.42.23 AM
then get your remaining poles and sign, and like it up so it lookes like a slide
then line it up so it kinda lookes like this
to make you slide faster, you can change the triggers delay


you can use this padern for the swings
⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ <just turned it sidways
and you can make it look like this


What you will need
4 barriers
3 poles
2 teleporters
2 buttons
2 triggers

so what you want to stay out doing is get 2 of your barriers and place them like so
now on each barrier goo to the channels and put these specific words in, in these specific stop
(you can probably use any words but I used these :P)
then grab a pole and put it like so with the same like you did with the barriers

now your gunna want to do the same thing but backwards (so like when you put sea in deactivate/hide prop, put it in activate/show prop so kinda like this
now this is where your buttons come in make one button button press- sea 2 and another button pressed- sea
Screenshot 2024-03-07 11.30.20 AM
now get your 2 triggers, one that says, when triggers, transmit on-sea, and one that says, when triggers, transmit on-sea 2 and connect them to your 2 buttons, Button pressed-trigger (both of them) like this
Screenshot 2024-03-07 11.34.46 AM
then get your 2 teleporters and connect your buttons to them, like button pressed- teleport here, and place them under the opposite button.
:arrow_up: this is the finished product. (make sure people can’t stand on the triggers)

4 square

you can use this guide to make it
How to Make 4-Square 3/10

Work out area

These are used from this guide
How to make a Gym Setup!
but I’m going to add things and take things away, so here we go

(this part is a work in progress I will try and finish it ASAP)

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