7 Creations you need for your Park!

Welcome! Today we will cover 7 builds that you could add to your park!

1. Lake/Ocean Dock

Simple yet effective. This dock could be decorated with boats or could be under attack by aliens. It’s your choice! The design is simple. All you need is some water and some boardwalk. It’s recommended that the water is walls, not floors, so players don’t walk on it.

2. Wishing Well

This wishing well is decorated with alien plants that look like grass. The well could be a shop where players can buy random items with cash. Or it could be decorational.

3. Sandbox

This build is great for parks with playgrounds. You could be able to interact with the shovel to make a hole, leading to a bossfight, or you could build a castle where you meet a princess. It is recommended to have this near a playground, though.

4. Pond with Fountain

This pond also has some of the alien plants used before. It is decorated with trees and tree stumps, and has pond grass littered around the sides. The fountain in the middle was made using space trash. It works perfectly as a fountain. You could use the 3rd alien plant for this, but it is a dark green, and so it is impossible to get a nice, light shade of blue.

5. Flower Garden

This garden has bushes in the front and is closed in by fences so nothing tramples the flowers. It uses all 4 variants of flowers and has some grass growing inside, too.

6. Outdoor Seating

A nice place for you to meet up with friends. It has 2 entrances and uses wooden stools to replicate that picturesque vibe of nature. The seating could be expanded to have a food shop, where you could buy food for money.


7. Park Bench

The smallest of details, but park benches really make a park feel like one should. Gimkit already has a park bench, but If you wanted to, you could design a tiny trashcan to go next to it, just like they have in real life.

That’s all I’ve got for you! I hope these builds help spruce up your park build, and most of all, thanks for reading!

Also, I’ve been thinking, this should be a sort-of series. If you want it to, please let me know! If you like one of the builds, vote for it below. If this becomes a series, I could include the top 10 voted builds of all of these guides!

    1. Lake/Ocean Dock
    1. Wishing Well
    1. Sandbox
    1. Pond /w Fountain
    1. Flower Garden
    1. Outdoor Seating
    1. Park Bench
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Nice guide! I didn’t read through it, but the artwork was amazing!!! You could make the dock better by using layers, though.

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