How to Make 4-Square 3/10

Hey! Have you ever played 4-Square and want it in gkc? You’re in luck! I can teach you how to make one of your own! Anyways, let’s get started!

You will need:
1x Blastball
Ball capture zones around the square.
4 zones
4 respawns
Starting inventory.
4 spawn pads.

This will be easy, but it is quite tedious, so follow me exactly.
Step 1: Make a square of floor terrain. Split it into four sections. Make a wall made of barriers 5 units away from the square. That will be the boundary.

Step 2: In the space between the squares and the boundary, make ball capture zones. If they are outside different corners, do different channels.

Step 3: Make the 4 zones fit in each section. Make them deactivated on game start and activate on their corner’s channel. Now make 4 respawns. When player is in zone, send on a different channel to each respective respawn. And also make the zone deactivate on that channel so you don’t respawn over and over.

Step 4: Make spawn pads allow for Teams 1-4, one team on each. Now make the starting inventory give one Legendary Evil Eye to everyone.

Step 5: Choose a square to be the server. Place a blastball there. Make it heavy.

The above screenshot is the final product.

You’re finished. Gather some friends and play a good playground game inside. Have fun! Till next time!!!

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Hope you get the screenshots soon!

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Thanks for the feedback! I will upload them tonight.

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Thanks @GimSolver for fixing that!

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Make sure to make the walls out of barriers! If you make the walls out of terrain, the blastball can gain infinite speed and wither get stuck in a wall, or clip through it!


Didn’t know that. I’ll edit that.

It’s kinda niche. If I can get a video quick enough, I’ll post a gif here.
@th3_ca1tsune (2)

What do you mean, @ClicClac?

This guide is now complete!

NO WAY! I love this guide!
Noice! :joy:


I used to play this game in elementary school, and I was good at it, sad i forgot completely about it though, well at least until now!

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Yeah, I did too!

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I’m thinking of a fix to prevent you from entering other squares. Tell me if you have Ideas!

Yeah, well checkers are the things to use for that.

from entering the squares, all i can say is use terrain walls, barriers, or zones that teleport. there really isn’t another way.


Would barriers for one team block the way for the ball?

Barriers seem simplest, but would it prevent the ball? Maybe make it invisible?
At this point, I wish the disable collisions option was able to be used in not only making maps, but with props. Hey, props!

it might, that is why i said zones, it won’t block the ball but it will not all them to leave if the teleporter is in the square that they are in

Ah. That’s correct. I’m dumb.

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I wish you could reskin props, i have been starting to learn Java script, HTML, and CSS, and I can use the to redesign stuff on GKC, only if that was a thing, and java could be great for a thing like this.

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