Cool park ideas [WIP]

ok so I know that this has been done like this one by @JoeTheChicken

but in this guide i’m going to add playground equipment to the mix.


this hopscotch was make by @thatOneCringe
How to make working Hopscotch
and it worked.

How to make a slide

so what you need are
9 poles
a medal sign
5 teleporters
5 triggers

you are going to use 5 of the poles and make them to look like this
then put 2 more of the poles and place them on both sides so it kinda lookes like a ladder
then get the 5 triggers and 5 teleporters and
trigger each of them so that each trigger is connected to the teleport (triggered—Teleport here)
then place it so that a trigger is on one of the teleporter untill it lookes like this
Screenshot 2024-03-07 9.42.23 AM
then get your remaining poles and sign, and like it up so it lookes like a slide
then line it up so it kinda lookes like this
to make you slide faster, you can change the triggers delay


you can use this padern for the swings
⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ <just turned it sidways
and you can make it look like this


(work in progress)

4 square

you can use this guide to make it
How to Make 4-Square 3/10

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Good job for adding credit! But this idea is kinda unoriginal. The builds are nice, tho.

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well everyone Elsa’s idea, didn’t have where you could play on the equipment

some guides you can add

Nice guide so far!
I’m thinking of making a monkey-bars guide! :monkey_face:
That won’t be until a little bit.

@California_Love you make this guide a wix and then you can add in to this

the four square is kinda big, and so if you where making a playground it would be really really big, also click on the Hopscotch thing, and you can see that I used his guide

A wiki you mean? Sure. I can if you want.

yes please ,and yes that’s what I ment

please note we can only make our own posts a wiki

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Okay, give me one second.
I understand, @Foxy. I’m making an entirely new topic.

I was talking to @CoolGimkitPlayer since many users ask for their own topic to become a wiki

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I’ll just link it to this one so you can edit it there.
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My guide can be downsized. I just did a larger version to make it easier to edit/less tiny details to do.

don’t worry I added it in the WIP