How to make working Hopscotch

I saw @CoolGimkitPlayer’s guide about hopscotch, and I decided to make working hopscotch.
Make a basic Hopscotch pattern using counters:

After this, start on the bottom and work your way up, incrementing the number each time:

Now take 10 teleporters, and 10 triggers.
Now, put your follow-the-directions instincts into use. Line up your teleporters and triggers into 2 ROWS
After doing this, Wire each trigger to its corresponding teleporter. Triggered → Teleport player Here
Do the same for all triggers and their teleporters.
For each trigger, set a delay. (I prefer 1 second) This will simulate the “jumping”
Put the first trigger on the first counter. Now put it’s corresponding teleporter on the SECOND COUNTER. Once you do this, put the second trigger underneath the 3rd counter:
Continue repeating this process until number 10.
Thanks for visiting!
In order to do “hopscotch”, simply step on the first counter, and you are off!
CREDIT TO @CoolGimkitPlayer
OPTIONAL: Add different color barriers with text boxes to make chalk boxes!


I like it, but why not text with numbers instead of counters?


Oooh! That is a really good idea! ( I think the counters are to add the square effect. )


It still looks like hopscotch tiles.
Sorry. You can also use barriers in order to have a more colorful effect.

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No need to say sorry! You did nothing wrong! Just a suggestion, I see that the counters do emphasize the squareness of it, just like @leo_flowers said!


Can you record a video of you playing it? I want to see what it looks like :slight_smile:


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i’ll try
ill come soon.

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nevermind then. looks like i can’t. Is there an alternative?

( Depending on what device your on ) Have you tried a screen recording?

yes i have. Looks like gimkit doesn’t allow video uploading.

Convert it to a GIF.

gif is blocked.

ill ty to find a way.

If you have wixsite, you could get someone to convert it for you, then send it back to you.

who has access to wixsite

Just a few is fine.

I do.

Just paste it in the wix and ill do it.



Oh, I meant the playthrough.