How to Make 4-Square 3/10

Yeah, redesigning props. How beneficial. :pensive:
I wish that was a thing.


I gtg for a bit, i have school and i spend way to much time on here, that is why i am less active, but I will try to get on more. So see ya’ll!


Aw, OK. Bye, see you later.

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Bumping my guide because some people may have played this in elementary and need those memories to be relived.

Bump my guide for the same reasons as above, please give feedback! Also, for scoring, you can give a player an item when respawned and make the leaderboard low to high. I used tickets.


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Thanks! (My first bump that isn’t from me lol.)

Lol… XD

Imma bump this for… can’t think of a good reason this time.

Arghh I tried playing four square for the first time and the ball hit my head and I Bumped into this guide

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Ouch. Maybe this guide isn’t safe…

Ha lol fr four square is dangerous

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My death quiz definitely isn’t safe. And this is one of my safer guides for the gims lol.

:open_mouth: this is one of the safer ones? Dang that’s scary

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bump this! im going to make a game out of it!


I want to as well lol! I realized that the squares look uneven :eyes:

Yeah. lol. I saw that after editing time ran out so I let it be. Now people know and won’t think that’s on purpose! Have fun making it (it took me a while to tinker with it and I’m still working on it… I might make a part two with add-ons after I’m done)!

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Cool game!

nice PFP btw Fersion
is this seventh time already? lol

childhood memories

nice guide though! i might make it, but just only playable with my friends.

@NotYoyo thx
sorry if i talk like an emotionless robot