How to make a Gym Setup!

Are you the ultimate Gimkit gym warrior who can lift cars, bench press elephants, and curl tree trunks? If so, this guide is your ultimate gym bible! :weight_lifting_man::muscle:


So The most important part of the gym is the place to rest…
Convenient isn’t it!

What you need!
2 Railing (light or dark your choice! :white_square_button:)
1 Stadium Ad Base :tv:

First step!
Grab your railings and flip one of them so their bases are facing.

Second Step!
To go the Layers icon and select the one that says ‘‘Stadium Ad Base’’ and move it to ‘‘Top Layer’’


Third step! Tint the Stadium Ad Base black and your bench is complete but wheres the weights to go with it?


Doing this makes you shocked at how strong your back is i mean (not to brag) but i got 235lbs max on Dead-lift (So far) and im 14! its shocking⚡

What you need:

1 Metal Pole
4-6 Barrels

First step!
Turn the pole flat on its side and layer it to the ''Below Layer"

Second step!
Place 2-3 barrels on each side then you got this!

Screenshot 2024-04-15 9.03.22 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-15 9.03.14 PM

Curling weight rack

Gotta make them biceps pop out like an inflating balloon and gotta beat people in arm wrestles like your turning a very difficult lever

What you need:

2 Bicycle Rack
6 Barrels
3 Metal Poles

First step!

Place 2 bicycle racks right infront or behind each other like this

Second step!
On a separate thing your gonna put the first Barrel on the above layer second your gonna do the same thing for the pole but one below the first Barrel and the next one should be like this!

Third step!

Your gonna copy and paste them on top to make it look like this!


I hope you all enjoyed this guide as i wanna get into weight lifting over the summer and i hope you all can get into hitting those virtual gains!

(P.S.The middle one looks like a game of Foosball)


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Nice guide and all, but what’s the point of approving yourself with this?

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wdym like most people on here are like 6-12th grade
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You cannot be serious.
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Okay two things:

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Awesome guide I will definitely try to make the gym!

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Nice guide, It is helpful, I had an idea for it, but this makes it easier.

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Nah, it’s a good guide, I don’t want it closed.

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