Can anyone help me decorate (infiltrate)

i need help decorating my map bc its looking a lil plain :<

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you can’t send game codes in the forums.
what is the theme of ur map?

ik thats y im asking so i can send it in wix or padlet

Perhaps you can add props that relate to the theme of the map

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i tried to find sum but no avail

i lied. im not free. but other peeps can help

ive alr had that link/tab open for awhile so im alr there

the wix is blocked for me, but these could help

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i need sum like futuristic bc that feels like the vibe of my map

For a futuristic map, try using space beds, spaceship barriers, and basically anything from One Way Out.

-Chef Dementor.

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Also if you cannot find a prop you need, add a text device and use an emoji instead.

-Chef Dementor

ah cyber punk 2077, make tall buildings with special colors like yellow and pink, you can make an area that makes it look far off in the distance when its really just a tiny props/bariers idk how to build so @WolfTechnology can you make something like i just explained

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for futuristic design, add lots of tall buildings, and maybe some billboards? you can make ads on the billboards using this:

it supposed to be a game about breaking into the other teams base and battle and stuff

I’ll help you…
Meet me at 9:00 at the Washington monument so we can infiltrate the big house…

haha very funny there…

so what do you exactly want? like theme of the map.

sum futuristic along with a wrecked battle that happened theme

ok so the props you should use should be almost all metal. So space junk, metal signs and poles, space barriers(vertical and horizontal) and spaceship terrains. Can you give me like a jist of one of the bases and like mid point.

i alr used the space barriers