Battle Royale Revenge

This post is about how to respawn players after the person that killed them dies. This is basically a direct answer to:

The Concept

So the basic idea of this is that each player has a knockout signature. This means that when a person knocks another player out, they receive the signature. In this case, the signature will be the number of bait. When the person dies, all players with the signature respawn. This is just a gross oversimplification of how we implement this, but that is the gist of it.

Assigning the Signature

So we make a device system that detects the amount of players in the game. Use this guide:

Make a property that is “Kill Signature”. This should be set to the number of players when the player enters the zone you made for the player detector. Make sure you make the player detector first, due to AUO!!! Also, make the “Kill Signature” property’s scope set to player. Make a Property called “Recent Kill Signature”. This should be global scope.

Granting the Kill Sig
Make a property named “Killed Signature” connected with an item manager that track the item you are using for a kill signature. Go into the blocks for a Knockout Manager. Put this code in:

Make the Knockout Manager track Player knockouts.
Now, add an item granter. Make a channel block receiving on Add Kill Sig. Make it grant “Recent Kill Signature” amount of the item. Make an item granter that first subtracts “Amount of Players” items and then grants “Recent Kill Signature” items. Don’t worry about the last 2 lines for now.

Checking the Kill Sig
Now, this is the time for the other channel and property that we added in the knockout manager. Make a relay relay on the channel “Check Kill Sig” for everybody. “Recently Killed Signature” is a global property. In a trigger, or something else that has block code, check if “Recent Kill Signature” = “Killed Signature” when receiving on “Check Kill Sig”. In triggers, you can set it to trigger itself when it receives on the channel.

And that’s it!
Comment if there’s any bugs!

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