[📜] The Ultimate Guide to Battle Royale

Credit (Help) to @LegoBuilder!
Battle Royales are used all the time, and if you wanna make one instead of Discover, use this!


Do you want art for your island?
Screenshot 2023-12-09 4.22.04 PM
Small Tropical Island Art Guide! [Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜]

How to Make a Palm Tree (Difficulty 🟦)


There are many uses to Battle Royale setup!
You could make the following:

  1. Battle Royale like Fortnite
  2. An arcade game
  3. Murder mystery
  4. Minecraft Setup
  5. A Collusium battle
  6. Dodgeball
  7. Keep Away
    Many more!

[ 📰 Resources] Resources for Battle Royale

GIMKIT Creative - How to make a battle royale game (🟩) (4/10)

How to make a full Battle-Royale game

The Ritheked Version of Ending Battle Royales (See Post 35 For Team Adjustment)

Battle Royale Revenge

How to make a knocked out player drop a item, and turn the knocked out player into a spectator (Difficulty: 🟨)

How to make a Battle Royale/Fortnite Ready Up System [Difficulty:🟩]

Small Tropical Island Art Guide! [Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜]

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A wip in help and for battle royale, the most overdone gamemode.

for art

I already added something like that.

i know but more is even more helpfull…(the island was something i already had taken picture of so i dont care if you use it or not)
other art
use a format like this!


arent tugs usually wikis?

yes, and battle-royale already has 26 topics so this is uneeded

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It’s not unneeded, it’s just not in the usual format but its still a wip i guess

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You do not need to shoot down this idea…we are combining all of those 26 into one mega one combined with our own ideas to make an ultimate guide so users don’t have to hunt and look through 26 topics! it makes much more sense than a jumbled pile of 26! So one big one and 26 leftover ones as links to help…this makes less clutter and makes it more organized…

I will just point out the character limit now.

[That’s why the devices TUG is 3 parts!]

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Alright alright calm down here I’m sure nobody is trying to discredit or specifically target you.


I am not. I’m just tired of mid guides across the board.

There is nothing wrong with this guide. There are plenty of tugs and this is the first Battle royale one.

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Yay he added my guide in links! :smile: