How to make a Battle Royale/Fortnite Ready Up System [Difficulty:🟩]

This guide is going to be pretty short. So here are the things you need
Button (3)

With the buttons put them in order like this.
Example 1
Optional Step
Then make the wire settings these.

Then go ahead and Wire all three of the buttons to the counter.
Once you do that. Wire every button to the Counter.
Head to the target section in the Counter and set it to something like this.

Example 2
This counter will show when the players are ready. Its your choice how much players are in.
The more plays. (4, 5, 6, ex) that number should be the target value.
The last step Is simple. Once the target value is reached. It should teleport the player to the target.

Question Brought Up By @ClicClac

What happens when Someone presses the Button MORE than once.
Amazing Question, Lets Jump into that

To Make this Stop From Happening. Grab a Repeater and Set up the Task Interval
Do these With the Wiring

The Button -> Repeater
Button Pressed --> Start Repeater
The Repeater -> Button
Repeater Runs Task -> Deactivate Button
I Answered Your Question @ClicClac
Your Welcome!

Perfect Question Ngl (Not Gonna Lie)

The wire should be `Target Value Reachead → Teleport Player to target
Like this Image

Once you do that connect it to your Arena/Stadium once so ever and have fun!


Nice guide! Remember to finish it!

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Nice guide! Question, what happens when someone clicks a button more than once?


Well, I guess I’ll figure a Solution to that soon. I guess if your playing Alone.
Maybe I’ll Use a Deactivation Wire. Give me a Second, I’ll Add it to the Guide.
I’ll credit you for the Question.

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You said to wire all 3 buttons to the counter twice!

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