A Barrier that only Blocks Bullets [🟨]

Continuing the discussion from How make it so bullets cannot go through lasers:

Put down a Barrier.

Configure the Barrier like this:

Put down two Lifecycles and a Relay.

Connect the first Lifecycle to the Relay.

Configure the Relay like this:

Configure the second Lifecycle like this:

Tada! Now you will be able to go through the barrier, but bullets won’t!


Bullets can’t go through a deactivated barrier??

If the active scope is global, they can.
If it’s player or team, they can’t.

Do you mind explaining why and/or how you found this out?

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If the active scope is player, then the barrier can be inactive for you and inactive for someone else. That means, that you can shoot through the barrier (because it doesn’t exist for you) and hit someone on the other side of it. But they can’t shoot you, because the barrier is there for them. So to avoid all that confusion, gimkit just made it so that it blocks all bullets.


thanks! really appreciated this.

I never thought of placing another lifecycle in case someone joins late, great idea!

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