How do you make it so only projectiles are blocked by barriers

I’m working on an item in my GIMKIT creative map that is the only weapon that can break props. Me, @ClicClac, @Thats_Gimpossible @Apoll02 worked together to figure out that you need to use an overlay to do this.
However me and my pea sized brain forgot to 100% test this theory. Now when you break a prop the barrier that I used to make sure the prop isnt broken still activates and deactivates when you switch weapons.
To slap a bandaid on this problem I’m wondering if its possible to make a barrier that only blocks projeciles

(Here is me trying to get my mechanic to work by the way)

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Maybe try this?

Yeah I have a great feeling this works you just got to get the right code that detects that weapon that activates what you want

Thanks. :slight_smile: (for the link and for fixing the title)

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