10 Gimkit Creative Lifesavers

Disclaimer: These won’t save your life, but these help with time AND memory consumption.

What are some GKC things that can save your time and memory? Well, GKC and the community offer many ways to do this.

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  1. Sorry to say, but block code isn’t everything. You may find a way to make something that is more memory-efficient than using block code for it.
  2. Don’t prop spam. Sure, you may like props and it brings your game alive, but there is a line to be drawn just like my procrastination time.
  3. Ever paid attention to the map options?
  4. Instead of wasting memory on closing an unclosable popup using a wire repeater, you can close it inside of itself. That sounds weird, but if you have a call to action to deactivate the popup, then you can go into the channels section and fiddle around with the call to action transmitters and closing popup sections.
  5. You know you can add lines into text boxes, right?
  6. Oh, are you using a lifecycle for knocked out players? Use a knockout (KO) manager. It’s 40 less memory AND has more channel and item options. Sorry lifecycle, but your time is over.
  7. If you still think (in the early days of GKC) that checker-property systems don’t work so you have to use block code or something? Well, that got fixed. Also, checkers are less buggy.
  8. Check editing options.
    8a. If you don’t want to move things out of the way, disable this:
    8b. Need to see more like me?
    8c. The memory bar only shows past 75% unless configured here.
    8d. No offence, but this is for the perfectonists out there:
  9. Instead of using a relay for notifications, look at the all options tab!
  10. Read this. Only use repeaters if you absolutely have to.

Great guide, @eiqcrmeliutgwhc! This is a great introduction to making games.

You should add KO managers vs lifecycles. KO managers take 40 less memory and detect knockouts/knocking out (no better name lol) while having more channel and item options.



I like it. (definitely not biased)


  • You know you can add lines into text boxes, right?

I wish you could do this with overlays :frowning:


I really don’t want to say this, but @eiqcrmeliutgwhc you need to remove the potentially offensive stuff from your guide.

I’m saying this because of wolf’s rule and that it was actually enforced:

I just want to keep the rules consistent. If the rules don’t apply for everything, there will be confusion, which is not want we want. Also, rules are supposed to be applied to everyone and everything, not specific topics.



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