Why do I have a limit on my devices?

Can someone please help, I have a map that needs 7 flags but I just realized that I only can input 6, please help.

It’s only allowing you to put 6?

Maybe this will help: How to bypass creative device limits!

It’s probably to reduce lag and functionality for more complicated devices and ones that cost more memory because if you had no limit, you can crash the game.

Here are a list to all devices with limits:

You can sometimes create a device using device systems that cost more memory but can slide through the limit.

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Tell me if the guide I put doesn’t work so I can see what I can do

  1. It’s just flags
  2. Sentries the most memory usage device is unlimited
  3. @tspentakota it’s there but I’m confused how it works.
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There is a limit because of the amount of memory it would use on the gimkit servers if there were none. Now please mark a soultion.

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1: Sentries do have a limit

2: The sentry isn’t the device that costs the most, it’s actually the tag zone with 1,500 memory.

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It’s not just you, flags have a limit of 6. You can try to replicate a flag system so you can place more with zones, buttons and item granters. Do you need more specific instructions about this?

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From what I’m seeing, @GimSolver currently there’s no possible way to bypass the system limits.

Could you maybe delete one flag, @GimSolver ?

Could you please help.
And no I can’t delete one (1 for each color).

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Currently, @GimSolver , I don’t think there’s anything we CAN do. Is this like a capture the flag game?

Yes, and with 6, there is too little because there are going to be a lot of people in 1 server all fighting for 6?! flags.

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What about what @potato1 posted in the guide?


Since there is no current way to bypass the limit, do u think u can compromise?

To make the “flag,” connect a button to a trigger, and the trigger to an item granter. Tell me if you want the barrier around the flag. Place an inventory item manager that limits the max of that item to 1. Connect the trigger to a wire repeater, and the wire repeater to the trigger to deactivate it.

To make the capture zone, connect a new zone to a checker. Make the checker check if your item amount you’re using is equal to 1. Connect it to an item granter granting -1 item. (check passes- grant item.) Also connect it to the trigger in the flag we built above.

Does your game have a knockout system? If so, you might have to do a bit more with this.


Does the Eraser button not work?

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Scratch that. There IS something you can do. You can go in @potato1’s guide and make a trigger to do exact same thing for the capture the flag game.

I don’t think there is a section for flags, only a flag capture zone assuming that you haven’t passed the flag limit.

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