When did Gimkit creative add maximum placement for certain devices

I tried to place a repeater but it said “Reached Placement Limit For This Device (10/10)” Is there anyway around this?

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wait really? wow I did know that could happen.

I think this was since the beginning.

Everything has a limit, terrain, snetries, deveices, etc.

I’ve never experienced before. Do any other devices have this limitation?

However, people have built creative ways to bypass these limits.
This might help.

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I only know about max memory, could you elaborate a bit?

You can only place so much of a certain item, for example wall terrain can be placed up to 2500 tiles, then you cant place any more.

You can only place up to 100,000 memory units in one map.

1,000 Memory Units = 1% of total memory

1 Block Code Unit = (500 memory) 0.5% of total memory

Thanks for the help, and yeah, im trying to build an RPG

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What device’s placement limit did you run out of?

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