What to do when your gim Glitches

so, there has been a glitch going around that makes it so that a gim sprite goes all glitchy
Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 7.29.24 pm

posts that are related to this:

most of these glitches are coming from new gims that have been in the shop recently, such as,

  • turkey gim
  • Cornelius
  • feast gim
  • and alot more

so the way to fix this is to equip a really old gim, such as the OG gim, glass half full, all the stripes and more

please let me know if even the OG gim doesn’t work

hopefully this clears the bug up for you

(I will close this topic once the glitch is over)


This should be called what to do when your gim does this, but doge works, so do all legendary’s. Maybe its a rarity thing?


yeah, maybe it is a legendary thing that helps, ill test it out rq

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This doesn’t really qualify as a guide, saying it in the replies of the post is enough the useless.
Plus, this will become pretty pointless once the bug is solved.
(No offense)

im just clearing it up for people so there aren’t a billion bug posts

sketch isnt working for me and some others… so not all legendries are fine

how about the OG gim?

Thats why i renamed it so it can be used when this bug happens again


The OG gim works and so does glass half full

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Day One? And try these gims, they work on my end.

Glass half full
All the constallars-yes I own them all


Also the striped ones

I only have ravana, maple so I can’t really do much -_-

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Sketch is not working on my end… But i dont have the rest of what you said except for glass half full

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Oh, most people don’t but those are just the ones that work.


Do the basic skins work?

yes, all the really old ones do I think

well there’s no need to make a big fuss about the gims being glitched, as it doesn’t really affect the game and will go away eventually. so honestly idk why people are making so many posts about it…

Turkey is fine

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yes, cyan tiger reigns, some gims work for some people and not for others

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Yeah, its weird right now, but some work, some don’t.