Gim sprites glitching [Continued from Topic ID 11407]

Not ONLY Gims! If nobody noticed even sentries!

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that happened last time too, but I tested a sentry and it worked. seems like there is no pattern to what is affected

Bruh I kinda like the Glitched Gims @CassiusDoomlorde It should be a LITERAL Gim!

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Yes, I think it’s random


I also have 2 glitched gims, sketch and gobble

Welcome to the forum, @Sushi! :jp:

Welcome to the community @Sushi!

hopefully this might help

Welcome to the forum, @MisterX !

Welcome to the forum, @Sushi !

dont forget to clip out that code in screenshots!

It’s probably invalid by now, you can only be in a game for one hour and if 1 hour has passed, the game refreshes.

yes.But its still a good habit to make.

I left that one though

I tried reseting to the basic gim it didn’t work

I try to reload but always same result with my fox gim.

Also, the glitch has gotten worse for me, the basic is rainbow now.

Okay now it is happening with me, the first time when I reloaded, it was fine, now it is worse, but stop bugging the mods. The team is fixing it!

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hello my repliers the bug has fixed yay :tada: :tada:

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Gobble got glitched for me. I didn’t try sketch. When other people play your map, to them your gim works fine, but to you it doesn’t.

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