What to do when your gim Glitches

Working gims on my end:

  • Stache
  • Chompz
  • Dodge
  • Festive Onesie (red)
  • Frostbuddy
  • Kooly
  • Graduate
  • Presento
  • Green Split
    The only one not working for me is the Blueprint gim which is…having a bit of a moment right now

yeah, this glitch is defiantly very weird indeed…

its just something to post about

yeah, people really like posting stuff (which makes sense)

They all seem to work for me.

yeah, the glitch may be gone now but we’re still on the lookout for more bugs

I don’t know why, but I kinda want this glitch. None of them worked though.

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you want the glitch?

im confusion

Enemy devices are also glitched
Screenshot 2023-11-29 08.35.00

What is this guide for? We can just tell people to do this in the post instead of linking a guide that won’t be useful in 3 days.

Its for when this glitch happens to give people a link, basically to prevent clutter.

How would it reduce clutter though?

From preventing the same post from being posted over and over.

Sketch doesn’t work.

People almost never just browse CMGs. And by people, I mean the people that post in bugs and help.

Also Day One is fine

The more I look the more evident it seems that we need TL4, as they would ba able to merge all of the topics made about the Gim glitch.

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okay yes then.

This guide just encourages more people to make guides when a bug comes out. It also induces panic when its not really that bad. It isn’t even a game breaking bug and we have a guide on how to avoid it. Is this really preventing clutter or adding clutter?

Yes, but let me say this, over 10 post have been made on this subject, and from owning an fandom and forum(forum is now gone) I know that tis is the best way to consolodate post if merge them. And it has helped some.