What should I add to my map?


It already has a lobby as well as walls and kill counters as well as player trackers

we is your game

Welcome to the forum! I recommend messing around with terrain layers to make the map look better.

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Looks pretty good so far, but join codes are not allowed (in the Community Guidelines), so I suggest you delete them. I suggest adding more different types of terrain, and trying out layers, along with more props to add betters looks to your game. Maybe try checking out these guides:

By the look of it, it seems this game is a shooter. Id suggest a few maps (with their own theme) and a team mode :grin:

Welcome to the community @AlmostHomeless!

It is about trying to get as many kills as possible, I just don’t know how to make seperate kill counters for each player

Try a guide like this one @AlmostHomeless

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