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Hi! I’m New Here. I’m the brother of penguin! He said to deliver a message. “I miss talking to stuff to u guys and girls.” but about my problem. I’m making a sci-fi tag with my brother and I want a counter that updates the target for every player in the game and when all players vote for the counter it teleports them to a new area, How could that be possible?
(I’m creating a catchphrase, how’s this? and any ideas for my catchphrase would be accepted!)
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Welcome to the forum @Caternaught …can you specify exactly what you need help with I’m struggling to comprehend your wording.

so, I’m trying to have a counter with an updating target for the amount of players in the game, so if there is 10 players the target for the counter is 10. and when all players click the button the minigame begins

ok give me a second (

yeah, I have that done, but I need that counter to change another or smth.

Is everyone on same team when you need the button pressed to begin?


Oh thats easy give me two mins

Lifecycle → Relay → Counter
Event Occurs → Trigger Relay → Increment Counter
(Game Start) → (All Players) → (Global Counter)


Don’t you want to count the number of players in game? or what?
(Also what do you mean “Brother of penguin”?)
Also welcome to the community @Caternaught!

i got the player counter done, but I just want a target button to start the game wen al players press it once

That triggers the counter? Or what? Can you explain more clearly?

You don’t know who penguin is? (that’s sad)

Which guy? I know a lot of people with Penguin in their name

@Penguin101 (this guy)

Oh him.

you say that like he is bad. :frowning:

ok have every time the button is pressed it increments a counter that updates a property then have when button pressed activate trigger with this block code.

No. I just remember him. He’s not bad. :slight_smile: