Wixsite for blizzy and lego

I was working on an idea and I ran out of replies so can @Blizzy and @Legobuilder come with me to the wixsite? I need help (I can’t reply so just hop on pls)

Sorry @Blizzy I cant get on right now… i was kicked off :frowning: maybe in a bit

What do you need help with?
Also, this is a bit off topic, just saying.


No i cannot it is blocked for me and I asked how to on my first day and while i was in class i got flagged for not adding solution (worst part was I said through edits i’m in school give me an hour or so and they still flagged me and i got called out for going on forum in class)maybe blizzy can she might not have it blocked…

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he can’t reply

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Yes, I saw in the first post’s edit.
He/she’ll have to wait till tommorow then.

@Caternaught If you are on right now I can come what is your username?

@Caternaught please mark a solution to close this topic.


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