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I think he is great at gimkit, thank you guys/girls for listening to my rant I’m just very tired today

I Ran Out Of Replies so I’m Just Editing my reply and marking it as a solution (CAN We PLease Go To The WixSite? I Ned Help)

Make your counter update property, “NumberPlayers”

Button pressed → Increment counter that updates Property “NumPlayersPressedButton”

Have that property transmit on"CheckIfEqual" when updated

Have a trigger receive on “CheckIfEqual”

In blocks:
If “NumberPlayers” = “NumPlayersPressedButton”
Do: Broadcast “Start the Game”

Relay(All players):
Receive on “Start the Game”
Transmit on “Teleport”

Teleporter teleport players here when receiving on “Teleport”


Yes do what blizzy said (her is much better wording of what I said)

Look at my profile RIGHT NOW

That is the ONE THING that makes me angry. :skull_and_crossbones:


Sorry i’m just tired and stressed out from people in school…whole week i have been stressed between forum and school and home…

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