Unique Things To Add To Your Map (Part 4)

Omg…4?!? I cannot believe this. This is kind of getting excessive.

  1. Fruit Bucket (Credits to @TheCentaursHoof for the idea)
    Place down a bucket and a fruit emoji and fill up the bucket with the emojis.
  2. Bed Canopy
    Place down the bed(s) of your choice, 4 poles, and 3 signs. Then, make 2 of the 3 signs semi-transparent.
  3. Water Covered in Plexiglass
    Place down how much water you want and some metal signs. Make the sign(s) transparent and fit them to the water. Make sure the sign is BELOW the player.
  4. Glass Table
    Place down a table and make it transparent. Tint it if you like.
  5. Bunk Bed (Credits to @VoidFluffy for the idea)
    Place down any type of bed and place one on top of the other. Then, use poles to connect the beds and make a ladder.
  6. Sentry For Sale (Credits to @smil.eface5)
    Place a sentry on top of a market stand. I made the sign using a wooden sign and a pole. You can also make different sentries using these guides: Guide #1 Guide #2

And that’s it! I will probably make a part 5, and then stop. The pool of ideas is being drained out.


Nice guide, but why didn’t you just make it one big guide?

Great guide, @I_Like_Props !

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I had to think for a while about each idea because by guide #2 I was already running out of ideas. This guide has all the parts:

So if you have a guide for compiling it… why are you still producing them?? (Sorry, not trying to sound rude, your ideas are cute)

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You could use the guide intended for stuff like this. The reuse props guide.

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Uhh… To be honest I don’t know. I guess posting them as their own guides organizes them?

No need to be sorry, you’re helping me

I already added the glass table but I can add more.

Wow nice guide! I like the bed canopy! Can’t wait for #5!

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We need a part 5!

also bump

Gosh, yeah!
Okay, there are so many new props+terrains, so let’s hope inspiration strikes!

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I think you shouldn’t stop at 5! Your ideas are so creative!

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Thanks so much!
We’ll see if we can get to 7…
idk how
maybe just one idea per guide :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


naur please not one idea per guide T-T
they’ll be miniguides and everyone will start heckling you
also there won’t be enough goodness

You should try to get to 10!

Lol i was just joking
and yeah, maybe 10…
I’m working on a different guide rn, as u know, but I can try to make another Unique Things To Add To Your Map as well

I bumped into a wall and now my face hurts, thank the heavens for these great guides.

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Thanks! However, you don’t need to bump a guide after not even a day. Bumps are for guides that have been inactive for at least 5 days.


eRm… AcTuAlLy… It’s at least five days. Not two weeks. /nbr :point_up: :nerd_face:


i mean
at first i thought it was ONE MONTH so…
plus I changed it