Txme's way to a randomized chest system!

This is gonna be a complicated guide, it is heavily block code, it’s a bit confusing if you’re not used to so much block codey guides

Hello! So welcome to my guide! I am currently developing a Fortnite map, and with every map, needs randomized chest like the real thing, but it’s pretty difficult to do. So I thought I would make a guide to help others out if they needed help with making a randomized chest system! Lots of credits to @Foxy because she helped so much when I was trying to make my own system, so many thanks and shout outs to her! Anyways, lets get started.

First, you want to start with a trigger.
Screenshot 2024-04-24 4.19.53 PM

I’m labelling it as a rarity for my gadgets. This will decide if when you open a chest, (common in this case) if I should get a chance for other rarity types, like uncommon or rare.

Next, create some of this block code.

Yes, it looks really intimidating, but let me walk you through it.

The set rarity thing is a variable, and the random integers randomizes it. Instead of spamming if, then do blocks, you can click the blue gear and put else if. Then, with the power of math! we can set up a simple inequality showing whether or not we get the item. Make sure the inequality is a, “less than or equal to” symbol. So lower the number, the higher chance you get for something. Let’s take this into example. Ok, here’s an example.

If the random integer chosen is smaller, or equal to 70, send them to a common trigger. Else if, it’s smaller or equal to 90, send them to uncommon. So on and so forth. Set up your own equation to figure out how rare your item is! Now, the extremely repetitive part.

      The extremely repetitive Part (Granting Items)

This is easily the biggest chore of making this, it’s really annoying. But don’t worry, it’ll all be worth it in the end. I’m doing up to epics only, but if you want to add legendary, just change the integers to have legendary too. Your end product should look something like this…

Please label, it will save you so much time. Ok, now lets go in. You remember those channels? Make each trigger responsible for each channel. So GoToCommonTrigger is responsible to go to the common Gadgets Trigger, to decide your item you get.

Heres the block code.

With the practice you got from the other one, I’m sure it shouldn’t be too difficult too. It’s pretty similar. Here’s the picture.

Now, you’ve finished this part. Copy and paste just the trigger and replace the channels.

Now, saw those item granters in the other picture for the finished product of this? Item granter to every item in the game that’s a gadget on the screen. Copy for every rarity.

2 more things! Then your ready to go!

            The 2 more things so your ready to go!

Now, we need to get ammo and heals from this, all we got is the gadget itself. Heres how.

If you would like, remove the if heals = 1, because that just makes the heals not occur every time.

As you guessed, see those channels? Make it go to an item granter and grant those items.

Lastly. Ammo. Copy out this format on a new trigger, your probably out of space now.

Change ammo amounts to your liking, especially if it’s a more rare chest. Then item granter once again.

Now this was kind of long, but now, how to actually set up your chest!

             How to actually set this thing up

If you want it so they have to pay for it, make a button be a checker, and if the checker fails, then don’t proceed with action. If checker succeeds, then wire it to the ammo trigger and the gadget one. The reason wires are better are since you probably have a lot of chests, so it’s better to wire the button over there. Especially since I want to hide my prop after the button was clicked.

Now get your button which is the chest opening mechanic, and make the button transmit a channel to hide the prop, but not to do the triggers. Wire the button so when it’s clicked, it triggers the rarity, and the ammo.

                       The conclusion

You finished! Congrats! If you need more rarities, you copy and paste the trigger only by itself so it copies the code, and change up the inside to see if you get a rarer item more commoner from the chest. (the inside is block code)

I really hoped you enjoyed this guide, this went over heals, gadgets, randomized gadgets, and it’s rarities. Happy building your map!

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first! i love how complicated this is!


My first, (and maybe only) complicated guide lol. No other guide I made really compares to difficulty on this lol. Decided to make it cause hey, why not? I have all the materials right in front of me to tell others how to do it! (also called it Txme’s way instead of txmian way cause it sounds wayyy too similar to tamian and his coordinate system)


how long did it take to figure that out :hushed:
im book marking that

if the trigger is not used to open the chest use a notification instead
and finally someone gets basic pronouns right

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Math? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Also, OOAH could be disbanding. Sadness.

this is actually so good. Thank you!

ive used this many times before, and its great that a system was introduced. lovely!

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nice! i was going to make a guide on this but got wrapped up in hollow knight! Nice to see someone beat me too it

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I’ve always wanted to make this

I think for these blocks you can use the: “2 or 3” block
Screen Shot 2024-04-25 at 8.14.09 AM

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I cant imagine doing all this work and messig up one part


alr i fr for a sec thought txmaxhaxtakis came back

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