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@Eeveeborg , whose account is a little bit older than mine, gave me most of the ideas everything else, like how I made it, is mine though! CREATE A TYPE CHART!!! HERE IS MINE FOR REFERENCE!


(This goes hand and hand with different moves) Ok, so you should be using your arena multiple times, like lets say, a press a button, and it teleports me to the arena, but lets say that button also transmited on channel “Grass”
Step 1: Place 2 properties, they should be text properties, 1 called “Player type” 1 called “Sentry type”
both of their default values should be Grass. Now add a trigger, that triggers when receiving on channel "fire: Make it’s block code:
But now, lets say I have 3 types in my game, fire, water, and Grass. Then, all I would put is 3 triggers, all receiving on their respective channel. Make their block code identical, but make the “Player type” Be specific to which trigger it is.
Final product:

Alright! You got a new area!
Different moves

Ok, remove the wire that connects the button, to the trigger. Somewhere else, place down a button and a trigger, link it together. Now make the trigger’s block code:
I recommend adding stronger moves that you can unlock over time, each party member (we will get their soon…) should have a different set of moves! Now link the new trigger, to the players trigger, so that when triggered, it triggers that trigger…
Now, make other attacks, like a fire, and Grass one, just copy the triggers, but make it Broadcast on different channels. Now add a text box. Make it’s text be " " Make it have this block code when receiving on channel “Water Attack”

Make this keep going, but with your own type chart,
Fire beats Grass
Grass beats Water
Water beats Fire
That creates not very effective/very effective.
Bonus tip: Can you tell the player if it is very effective, or not? (It Is possible!)
That is for this section, remember more moves = better, you can make them unlock over time!
But wait! I almost forgot! When the player presses the button, deactivate all of the other buttons, so they can’t pick 2 attacks! Also, make the original button teleport the player to the move choosing area, and back! With wires and teleporters!

Different Party members

Cue Pokemon music. Well, I have these guys in my party, who used to fight without your silly method, coral! How do I fix that? Well, that is pretty easy! Each member can have their own type, make an area you teleport to when you enter a fight. Make it have all of your party member’s names! Now make a trigger, that has this block code! Wire it so that when the button is pressed, it triggers, do this for each of them! (Keep in mind, you have to delete the triggers for the types, if you want to do this!)
Now how would it look like for different party members to spawn in? Make a tiny 1x1 box that you will spawn in, now add another sentry that appears when you press the corresponding button, make a camera view, so you can barely see the player! Now for more moves! add the button from earlier, make it have the same wiring and functions, but in that 1x1. Now just add another move area, that you teleport to from that 1x1 box! That is basically it! (For other party members, make other 1x1 boxes.

Sentry using different moves

The sentry will pick from a random type of move.
Add another trigger. This will trigger when the original button is pressed! Make it’s block code.
Add a piece of text.
Make it run a code when receiving on channel SentryWater.
Do this for each type!
Bam now you have a better fighting system!

Status Conditions

Let’s say you want an enemy to be poisoned, for a random number of turns! Make the original button increment a counter that has no target value! link the counter to a trigger that has this block code:
Make 2 properties, 1 called sleep, 1 called Poison, each start at false, and are True/false.
Now go back to the sentry’s trigger, and make it’s block code become:


That was BIG chunk of block code, but now that is done!

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Nice guide! I don’t have a use for this yet, but I’ll have fun making this when I do!


I believe any a lot of RPG games could use this, it is basically just psuedo health. The pokemon guide U pretty much got , except for switching pokemon in any situation


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Congrats on TL3!


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