Thumbnail Request - Space Elevator (it's now allowed)

I want you to make something like this:

What I want in it:

  • An astronaut Gim with a white suit (like the Alphastar collection but w/ a white suit - put it in an elevator just like the one from the image above.
  • Text in the middle that says Gimkit Space Elevator in the same way as the image above.
  • The Gimkit hot air balloon from Dig It Up in the same place in the thumbnail as it is in the image above.
  • 2 other Gims standing on clouds in the bottom right corner.

And before you flag this guide, look at this email someone showed me from Jeff:

Screenshot 2024-05-10 2.26.40 PM

@Kat_aronii the birthday girl might be able to help you with this…

For Kat Only

Happy B-Day Kat!

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@Kat_aronii or @Nixximon, do you want to make it? :smile_cat: You’re the best of the best I know of and I’d be honored if one of you would help. :+1:

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kat_aronii can take this one lol

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Okay. Thanks for your time. :+1:

@Kat_aronii, wanna make the thumbnail? :smile_cat:

Kat doesn’t check notifications.

Oh, okay. Thanks for the info. I’ll wait till’ this afternoon, but if not, I’ll try asking someone like @VoidFluffy or @lonewolf0230.


*cough cough
even tho I’m taking a break from doing thumbnails…
I may do one for ya.

just email me at
and I’ll respond sometime tmrw.

the pings keep coming :skull:

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Okay… I’ll send the email from GimStream’s chat email since I can’t email otherwise. Okay? :smile_cat:

what was the link to your wix site, lemme get back in it

Sorry, that would be advertizing: :smile_cat: Click me

@here, should I abandon this idea and make’s game The Deep Sea instead? :ocean:
image :thinking:

Nevermind, @Kat_aronii, I don’t need you to make me a thumbnail. I just realized I can’t make this game without a certain feature being released, but it’s not out yet, so I’m not gonna make this game.

Okay? :ok_hand:

Actually, you can make it anyway:

So what do you need? I can help.

@Here_to_help, I can’t make it b/c I’d need to make a coordinate system that doesn’t fit in the Zone limit, so I can’t make it. Thanks for the help, though! :smile_cat:

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still possible
I know it takes a lot of memory, but it is still possible with either the zones, triggers, or lasers. But suit yourself and wait.

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