The way to make a voting system in general. (Aaren's method)

That is the image for the wiring.

Items needed:
1 trigger
1 wire repeater
minimum of 2 property block
minimum of 2 counters
minimum of 2 buttons
(Note. Number of counters and buttons and property blocks depend on how many things you want to vote on. In this case you want to vote on two things so u need 2 counters, two buttons and two property blocks)
Optional text boxes

1st step: Make sure the buttons are set to active scope players.

2nd step: Wire both buttons to the wire repeater.

3rd step: Wire the wire repeater back to both buttons and deactivate them.

4th step: Connect buttons to their respective counter and increment the counter

5th step: Make all counters update different properties.

6th step: Put down property blocks for each counter and set them to something similar to this:

7th step: make sure the trigger is not triggered by player collision

8th step: Code it!

Your code should be similar to this. You basically want to which counter has the most in it.
If you have four things to vote on, your code should look something like this:


(note: You need something to trigger the trigger so that it can brodcast its message to the channel and actually do its thing. I did this by hooking up a counter to a trigger loop and when it reaches sixty seconds or the target the counter triggers the trigger. )

Lastly text boxes. Place the text boxes next to your buttons and name them to show what you are voting for like in this case energy to walk or snowballs to shoot.

Hopefully this guide helps you make a voting system for game modes in your game or choosing the map. I created this because I struggled to make a voting system that wasn’t a specifically among us voting system.


Nice guide, but this has been made before…

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Some people tried making Voting System guides, but they gave up or the guides were too hard to use.

yeah that is why I made this as I said i struggled to find a good guide

Look at the first link I put.

this is wayyy more simplified and in my opinion easier to understand. At first look I cant understand the first one. This one is also different than the last one.

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People love making voting systems I guess. -_- Nice guide though!

Nice guide!

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