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Art Guides

Gimkit Related
Gimbuck logo - @Coffee

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Nature(Not Animals)

By Blizzy


By Pandapants2000
Screenshot 2024-02-15 12.08.09 PM

others are here
(How to make different Pokemon Pixel art in GKC)
want a pokemon made , ask in comments and he will get back to you ASAP

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Artwork to Make

List the Artwork you want to make here!
Format: (Name of Artwork) - (Your Username)
Gimbucks Logo - @Coffee
Tank - @Blizzy
Aegislash - @Pandapants2000

P.S. Only NEW Artwork will be here


Is there anything in particular we can or cannot add, besides the basic stuff, like no racist or inappropriate, etc

No innapropriate stuff,

So I could add my perk machines, well my new ones?

I think this should be new stuff, not stuff that has already a guide

Ok, so, If i made the gimbucks logo, I could add it

YEs, you could. Just put it here

Put your name in the ‘No one’ place, save edit, then go back and edit

What type of art are you looking for? Or is it anything really…

this good?

@Coffee Move it to the Art guides place. pUt t in a hide details

Could we possibly have a list of different items
Like this:


This text will be hidden


This text will be hidden


This text will be hidden

With related things in it…

Good I dea @Coffee stop editing for as ec

If you add airport, could I add my bag scanner

I mean, If you wanted to… But Blizzy said:

what if I make a remaster of it

Go for it! That could be cool!

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Bumpity bada bump! :slight_smile:


What should I build, tank or cruise ship?
  • Tank
  • Cruise Ship
0 voters

I will build both, but which first?

I made the tank. Rate it?

Tank Rating
  • Amazing!
  • Great!
  • Good!
  • Ok.
  • Eh.
  • Not that good…
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P.S. it’s in Tech