[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Art

Looks like the tank fired at you…

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Nice, @Here_to_help.

Artistic Bump

What about barrier art? It has a lot of power as demonstrated in the image of a black hole below.

*I didn’t make this image, I helped in making it though.



nice @Blueboat ,looks cool :+1:

Is this gonna be edited? As of now, it’s not really a tug…

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Gimmy a b! B! gimmy a u! U! Gimmy a m! M! Gimmy a p! P! That spells… BUMP!


A malicious, evil, dictator Bump.

Please don’t bump a topic unless it is five days since the last reply

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No, I can bump it. It is a personal thing. A good guide gets bumped. Don’t limit my kindness.

it creates clutter please wait 5 days
the point of bumping is to bring old forgotten guides to the top

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Cough I think he did it on purpose because you said that. I am not involved though.

my bad didnt mean it was just trying to make a joke

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I BUMPed my head after falling from a portal I made from my magical paintbrush!
I’d also would be excited to see more things added here!
(geez, 2 months later is a while huh?)


Man, this brings back memories (I agree with @Kat_aronii we need to add more stuff)


Bump check


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