[📜] The Ultimate Guide for EVERY WEAPON (2.0)

Thanks. Completely forgot bout that. I added it.

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Also I added some ratings on how well different weapons do in different situations

Why did you give the Zapper such bad results?

because its bad like :l


Maybe add the games where they appear?

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I mean they basically all appear in the same games except the snowball launcher and blaster

reusable bump:

It’s not reusable. Reusable bumps are wikis.

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@JoeTheChicken I have a suggestion for you.
Using the following guide, images can be used in tables.

Thanks! I don’t really have a place to put the images in though. If I change up the format, I’ll make sure to add this.

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Oh my gosh, TYSM i needed this for a W.I.P. Battle royal

Quantum portals are only good when you have a lot of them.

Thank Benedict Cumberbatch :slight_smile:

I kinda see the resemblance between Zapper and Evil Eye, but is it really that case? Do the devs know?

I would assume that as well. I have always regarded it as an upgraded version lol.

Bumping a great guide

Just wondering, what were the features on the forum guide that recently got deleted? I didn’t want to ask there cuz they’re closing the topic and I saw you were there when it was happening… I think

Oh guides about the forums that hadn’t been approved by Josh or Jeff
And also couple days ago there was a ban speederrunner and no one could stop replying to topics so many topics got closed due to flags.

No i mean like what did they talk about in the guide. I saw Karl say it had the 2 most useless things in discourse

um, no one really knows what karls means unless he explains it.

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