Embedding Images in Tables

There is a Discourse issue where the straight bar issue doesnt go well into tables.

I also wanted to make this guide so that I can teach people how to upload images into tables.

Example table Image
This should embed, but it does not? →
![IMG_3139 510x500](upload://9Gepi41QoqTLJ54So5cqAjmqvQV.jpeg)

To resolve this issue, you can follow the steps below.


  1. Create your table. You can do this by using the following website:
    Markdown Tables generator - TablesGenerator.com
    OR, you can do this manually! You just need markdown knowledge.

  2. Upload your image, then cut the string of text that the image represents.
    This is what it looks like:

  1. Go back to your table editor, then paste the image string into the table you created.

  2. Now for the tricky part. You need to remove a specific symbol from the image string you pasted. Remove the straight bar | symbol from your image’s string.

  3. Generate the table, then click copy and paste it to the forum!

The result:

Text is below Image is below
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Nice guide!

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(don’t say this is off-topic, i’m helping the community since this stuff is kinda advanced for them)


Nah im not saying its off-topic its a good topic.

also happy new year (idk if it happened to you already)

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Wow amazing guide!

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happy new year!

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As an extension to this guide:

  • Footnotes can also be used in tables.
  • Footnotes can also contain images?
Footnote Table Information
[1] N/A
Footnote with image Table Information
[2] This table has an image

If you are wondering why footnotes are here: How to use Footnotes

You do not need to remove the straight bar symbol to use images in footnotes in tables.

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