How to use Footnotes

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I actually had no idea this existed[1]

  1. but also this is off-topic ↩︎


I will be making one more topic on the subject of this feature, relying on how to use footnotes in tables.

Do note that nobody knows what this does except me.

That’s the point, I’m introducing the forum to new features.


Cool thing ^Ilike it^

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Here, you do it like this:

Hello! [1]


  1. How are you? ↩︎


  1. njenfsnfjsef ↩︎

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ok I get it now lol [1]

  1. this is cool frfr ↩︎

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Wow, this is cool[1]! It’s almost like I’m my own wikipedia article[2]!

Nevermind, it looks different when I post it.

  1. Richard Roeper (11 July 2005). “One word describes latest episode of Hurricane TV”. Chicago Sun-Times . ↩︎

  2. “Most Lethal: Shark or Falling Coconut”. CBS News. 11 February 2009.
    2. (Death by coconut - Wikipedia) ↩︎

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So a footnote [1]




  1. would be used like this? ↩︎

  2. hi ↩︎

  3. Testing again ↩︎

  4. can footnotes contain characters? !@#$%^&*() ↩︎


It’s designed to hide text but looks different when you post the footnote.


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I never knew about this [1]

  1. this is cool ↩︎

This is very nice [1]

  1. Oh brackets I forgor :skull: ↩︎

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I forgot about the second bracket for so long and was raging

  1. ↩︎


  1. nice guide ↩︎

Cool! [1]

  1. But why does it look like this for me? image Also, it only shows a footnote in the raw for some reason. ↩︎

Nice Guide! [1]

  1. This is brilliant! Nice discovery! ↩︎

why does it look like this tho?

  1. BUMP, this is cool and should be used more ↩︎

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Apparently, this isn’t allowed.

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