[📜] The Ultimate Guide for EVERY WEAPON (2.0)

With its fast projectile speed, decent damage, quick reload time, and large ammo cartrige, it truly is a weapon that cannot be beat.

Just divide the blocks traveled by the amount of seconds traveled.

That is kinda what blocks/seconds means…

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depends on the community. In the pro community, slingshot is generally seen as a good weapon, and so is the snowball launcher, but now there is basically a better version of it called the blaster. so it wouldn’t be underrated in those areas. but maybe others would.

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How have I not seen this? Noice guide!


No, he had it right the first time. “You” is the correct word there.

Here’s the full quote, its your, not you…


Oh. Sorry. The first quote that you had just highlighted every time he said “you”, so I saw the first instance of “you” and thought that you were mistaken. Nice catch though!


I have a better speed tracker @JoeTheChicken , here it is
Blaster: 10 tiles per second
Evil eye: 6 tiles per second
P.M.L: 6 tiles per second
Quantum portal: 4 tiles per second
Slingshot: 8 tiles per second
Snowball launcher: 6 tiles per second
Wooden Wand: 6 tiles per second
Zapper: 6 tiles per second

there u you go.


thanks. I’ll probably add it

hey so who needs to know what would have been correct
bc as I was reading the full quote, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary because my brain basically had autocorrect and it filled in the blank for the r
Like I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t have noticed it anyway

I already fixed it don’t worry. I’m sure your going to be fine.



did you do that on purpose
bc its you’re now

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its ok its still funny tho

dang your missed the joke

YOUR yeah sorry I mised the joke then.

Can you add what type of ammo they use?

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I’ll create a chart for you.

Zapper - Light Shards/Ammo

Slingshot - Medium Shards/Ammo

PML (Portable Muffin Launcher) - Medium Shards/Ammo

Wooden Wand - Medium Shards/Ammo

Blaster - Medium Shards/Ammo

Quantum Portal - Heavy Shards/Ammo

Evil Eye - Heavy Shards/Ammo

Snowball Launcher - Snowball/s

Feel free to correct me on the Blaster one, I’m unsure but this is more of me guessing based on the characteristics of the gadgets in the Medium Shards family/category and comparing it to the Blaster.