[๐Ÿ“œ] The Ultimate Guide for EVERY WEAPON (2.0)

Uhh, @JoeTheChicken can I put this in this wiki? Calafornia_Love made it for me ๐Ÿ“œ The Ultimate Guide To PvP!

Also, this is awesome!!

I mean, I guess. That wiki is a part of this guide though. This guide already teaches you everything in that guide Iโ€™m pretty sure.

we need more guides like these u make useful forum guides

have you read the wiki yet? because it is different from this tug.
mine is more about pvp and yours is more about weapons

Bumping since people find the first one before the second one and are confused on why itโ€™s so outdated.

BUMP! (I like PML. Change my mind.)

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Now I can beat one person instead of zero!

Who? Me? No. I am too good.

No, my 3 second year old fish

Why does everyone hate the PML?
Maybe something we can agree onโ€ฆ?
(portable carrot launcher!!!)

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you did not just bring carrot idea wow why didnโ€™t we think of that? and to answer your question

hereโ€™s a spreadsheet by meepy

Ok fair

I didnt even know this existed! Very good job with the stats. Bump!


this helped me a lot on my game!

what weapon(s) would be the most similar to a revolver/spy weapon?
im trying to remake tf2