The Topmost Guide on Gimkit Gadgets (🟩)

The Topmost Guide on Gimkit Gadgets (:green_square:)


This guide is meant for anyone seeking to incorporate gadgets into their Gimkit Creative games and/or maps. It goes over all the available gadgets, their required refills, how many refills are available by default, and some launch testing. All gadgets come in five different rarities (common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary), which progressively get better.


Some information provided in the guide is only useful if Infinite Refills is set to “No”. You can find this option in Map Options under Items.




The Zapper is a gadget that was introduced in One Way Out as the players’ default gadget. It requires Light Shards (yellow), being the only gadget to use them, and can launch up to twenty somewhat fast before needing to refill. The Zapper takes one second to refill. It is a good gadget if you want players to combat, but not be too strong.

Snowball Launcher

The Snowball Launcher is a gadget very similar to the Zapper that first appeared in Snowbrawl, and later in Snowy Survival. It requires Snowballs, which are used uniquely by this gadget. It rapidly launches twenty of them and takes one second to refill. It’s good if you want to be able to rapid-launch against enemies.


The Slingshot was introduced in One Way Out as an upgraded gadget players could buy for cash. It requires Medium Shards (pink). It launches ten shards at a medium-slow pace before requiring you to refill, which takes four seconds. It is good if you want something a little stronger than the Zapper.


The P.M.L. (Portable Muffin Launcher) was yet another upgraded gadget players could obtain in One Way Out. It also requires Medium Shards (pink) and launches twelve of them, a little faster than the Slingshot, before taking four seconds to refill. It’s good to use if you want a unique gadget, and an added bonus is that you could (potentially) launch around corners.

Wooden Wand

The Wooden Wand made its first appearance in One Way Out as the gadget used by the Evil Plants and was obtainable by completing the Boss Fight side-mission. It requires Medium Shards (pink) and can launch twenty with somewhat speed until it needs to refill, which takes three seconds. Its strength is its range, and because of that, launches like a sniper.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye was added in One Way Out, as the most expensive gadget purchasable. It requires Heavy Shards (purple) and has a capacity of four. It can launch shards at a good rate. When refilling, this gadget takes four seconds. A pro is that it does large amounts of damage, but the downside it how long it takes to refill for just four shards.

Quantum Portal

The Quantum Portal made its appearance in One Way Out as the second-last gadget players can buy. This gadget has a capacity of just one shard, and it travels very slowly. Heavy Shards (purple) are needed to refill it and when doing so, takes two seconds. Where it lacks in refill time, it compensates for in damage.

My Thoughts

Overall, my favorite gadget is the Snowball Launcher, purely because of how fast it launches and how the damage stacks up fast. In terms of damage, the Quantum Portal acts like a rocket launcher. It is slow but makes up for it with its sheer power. I also like the Wooden Wand, which acts like a sniper with its range and little-more-than-decent damage.


Gimkit Creative offers a couple of options for gadgets to knock out players, sentries, and props. To choose the best one for your game, this guide can be of great help. You can choose to limit players or give them overpowered abilities, and there are five rarities to choose from.

Thanks for reading my guide :slightly_smiling_face:. Please let me know if there are any mistakes or if there is anything I missed, and please give it a :heart: if you liked it!


Quantum Portal=Cannon (Slow, large, and powerful)
Slingshot=Sniper (Fast and Powerful)
Snowball, Zapper, (Literal Machineguns)
Wooden Wand, P.M.L (Decent)
Evil Eye (Pretty good, but high reload time for low ammo.)


PML is also a pretty good sniper weapon because of its range and small projectile size (and how it can shoot around protruding corners more easily than other weapons)


Yeah, some of the projectiles have a slight turn in them.


evil eye is good because it does the most damage without having to wait to reload like the quantom portal, and the slingshot is good because it does a lot of damage and it shoots super fast


slingshot and snowball launcher are the best, pml is kinda trash


Evil Eye has a long reload for the number of shards it launches.


@LxmasHaxTakis Thoughts?


I mean, if you’re looking to make a more comprehensive guide, you could include more details about each weapon (like how much damage they do, what unique uses they have, and even basic details like how each weapon is able to be one of the five different rarities). The guide seems pretty well-written to me, but there are always more details to be added (if you find it necessary)!


This guide’s interesting, but i have to wait until it’s 7 pm to heart it.


Quantum Portal is trash ngl


I say quantum portal is pretty good against AFK people…


Each weapon has its uses, and quantum portal does have good base damage to counter its lower speed and DPS. Using the quantum portal against unmoving enemies, for example, gives them less of a chance to shoot back and thus puts you at lower risk of taking damage. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, but I suppose it is fair to point out that you’re not going to need to use the quantum portal in most player-versus-player games :]


Quantum Portal is pretty great in things like one way out as well…


Can one shot bots.


That’s what I was thinking! The enemies are placed in pretty regular proximity to each other, so it can be annoying to have to wait for it to recharge, but when the difficulty gets higher (and your health gets lower) it’s nice to be able to fire fewer shots and put yourself in the line of fire for a shorter time.


I added some more details and in the introduction listed all five rarities. Thanks for the suggestions @Zypheir!


Ye but in Battle Royale games when people try to shoot players, they just miss all the time, plus when you shoot only once then you have to reload




Which Is The Best Weapon (all legendry)

  • Wooden Wand
  • Quantum Portal
  • Snowball Launcher
  • Zapper
  • Evil Eye
  • Portable Muffin Launcher (P.M.L)
  • Slingshot

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