I’m making America VS Russia map but…

I need help. How can I get it to where people can attack each other???

Do you want them to shoot each other or tag each other?

You can set the game to have two teams. It’s in the bottom-left hand corner, game settings.

1: Give them a weapon

and 2: why are you making this :skull:

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I already done that.

Use a starting inventory device to give each player an item.

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Use teams, thats its, make one spawner team 1 and the other team 2 and give then weapons, and your done, but please make you map detaild and not simple, like this post.

By default, the game is set to free for all, so everyone will be able to attack each other.

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I want to shoot them

Oooh. Then just use an item granter wired to a lifecycle and give them weapons. Be sure to put them on team one and two tho

I have set it to teams

You can’t shoot your teammates.
You can only shoot the enemy team/s.
You can shoot anyone if the game is set to FFA in Map Options.

I already know that.

Use a starting inventory device to give each player a weapon:

Thank you for the guide

Just give everyone a weapon, and that’s all you need. They will be able to attack players who are not on their team.

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Here’s another guide on Gimkit Gadgets:

Um, i said that… lol

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