How to Make an Exciting Hide and Seek Gamemode (Coolian)

An effective way to make an interesting game is to take a popular game and add new features and twists. Hide and Seek fits in here perfectly, as it is a simple concept but could have many features added to make it an exciting game. In this guide I will be showing you how to make Hide and Seek, and some added things that could spice it up. This guide doesn’t necessarily just have to be used for Hide and Seek, as it just has some good tips on making an exciting game.

Starting Setup

Because I don’t want to make this guide too long, I may be popping in the occasional guide to help make it. To start Hide and Seek, follow @Blackhole927 's quick guide that will randomly choose a seeker:

Now we will make a movement meter system that will only affect the hiders. Put down a wire repeater, relay, movement meter, and item granter. Connect a wire from the lifecycle (from the setup teams contraption) to the wire repeater. Event Occurs → Repeat Wire Pulse. Make the wire repeater delay 1 second, as this should give it enough time for the seeker to be moved to team 2. Connect a wire from the wire repeater to the relay. When wire repeater receives a pulse → Trigger Relay. Make the relay audience Team 1. Connect a wire from the relay to the movement meter. Relay Trigger → Activate Movement Meter. In the Movement Meter, you can make the tracked item anything, for this guide I will use Energy. Make the Item Drain Per Tick 1, and make it drain every 1 second. The key here is to make it last. Lastly, set Use As Default: No. It should look like this:
Screenshot 2023-06-26 10.46.39
Now, connect another wire from the Relay to the Item Granter. Relay Trigger → Grant Item. Make the granted item Energy, and grant 40 or so. Again, the key is that the player will not run out before we want them to, but I’ll get more into that later. This should all make it so the movement meter only affects the hiders, and only the hiders get energy.
In all, all the devices you have placed including the ones from @Blackhole927’s guide, should look like this:

Now for this version of Hide and Seek, we will be giving the seeker a weapon to knock out hiders. You can also set up a tag zone, just make sure the tagging team is team 2. Ok, place down another item granter, and make it grant a weapon of your choice for the seeker. I will be using the Legendary Quantam Portal, as it one shots players. Connect a wire from the Relay that picked the seeker to the Item Granter. Relay Trigger → Grant Item. Next, I will put an item granter for ammo. To make sure that the seeker can’t just shoot everywhere until they hit a hider, I will be giving the seeker limited ammo so they have to be careful about using their ammo. For this to work, make sure that in Map Options, you have Infinite Refills set to No. Incase you want to do this too, place down yet another item granter, put the ammo type and amount (You can use this guide made by @Anythinger for more imformation: Topmost Guide on Gimkit Gadgets). I put Heavy Shards for my quantam portal, and put 7 of them. Then connect a wire from the Relay to the new item granter. Relay Trigger → Grant Item.
Now everything should look like this:

Now we’re going to add popups that will inform the player if they are a hider or seeker (Credits to @Here_to_help for this). Put down 2 popup devices. Write whatever you want in them, but one should tell them that they are a hider, and the other should tell them that they are a seeker. Add any other details that they would want to know. Connect a wire from the Team 1 Relay to the Hider popup. Relay triggered → Open Popup. Connect a wire from the Random Player Relay to the Seeker popup (Same wire choice).

Making the Map

I would start off with making a chamber for the seeker, and placing a spawn pad in it, setting it only for Game, and only for Team 2. This is where the seeker will spawn at the start of the game. Some recommendations would be to make a small room, some text that said something along the lines of “You are the Seeker”, informing them that they are, indeed, the seeker. Plus a popup or additional text explaining more information for the Seeker to know would be good. This is just the room they will be waiting in while the hiders hide.

Now the main map where all action will take place. Make it exciting, with many, many, props for hiders to hide behind. Most props will require Collision to be turned off in order for the hiders to be able to hide behind them, so make sure to do that. You could also turn damage on, so if the Seeker destroyed it, that option is no longer available for the hiders to hide behind. Also put a spawn pad in the middle of the map, set it only for Game, and only for Team 1. Some ideas and things I have done was made different biomes with different themed props. For example a snowy biome, it would have snow piles, an igloo, and some snowmen. And then an ocean biome, it would have coral, fish, etc. These kind of details really pull your game together, and make sure to put effort into this part, as this is what the player will be looking at for almost the whole entire game time. I would include a picture for reference, but unfortunately I deleted my Hide and Seek map to make room, so I no longer have this.
Optional Feature
A nice feature that you could add is teleporters that only the hiders can use. In my case, I put a teleporter at each biome, and it would teleport to a different biome. To make this, place down all of the teleporters, and put barriers on them. Take the Team one Relay, and make it broadcast on channel Teleporter (we will use channels here because there are multiple barriers). Then go into all of the barriers, and make them Deactivate when receiving on Teleporter. Oh, and make sure the Active Scope is set to Team.

Main Mechanics

Now we will make it so that the seeker gets released after a period of time, and the hiders lose the ability to move. Place down a wire repeater, and set the delay to however many second you want to give the hiders to hide. I will put 15 seconds. Connect a wire from the lifecycle device to the wire repeater. Event Occurs → Repeat Wire Pulse. Ok, now place down a teleporter. The teleporter shouldn’t have a group, but make the group target something like Main Map. Next, place down another teleporter, in the middle of the map (in the same place where the hider’s spawn pad is). Make it’s group Main Map, but make sure it doesn’t have a target group (otherwise someone could accidentally teleport). Place down another Relay, and make it relay for Team 2. Connect a wire from the wire repeater to the Relay. When wire repeater receives a pulse → Trigger Relay. Then connect a wire from the Relay to the Teleporter with the Group Target as Main Map. Relay Triggered → Teleport Player to Target. Now when the 15 seconds are up, the seeker will be released and will teleport to the map. It should look like this:

Ok, now we want to get rid of all the energy when that 15 seconds is up, so hiders can no longer move. Place down yet another relay. Make it for only Team 1. Place down an item granter. Make it grant -40 energy. This way it will definitely get rid of all energy in the hider’s inventory. Connect a wire from the 15 second wire repeater to the Team 1 Relay. When wire repeater receives a pulse → Trigger Relay. Connect a wire from the Relay to the Item Granter. Relay Triggered → Grant Item. Now the hiders will lose the ability to move after the Seeker has been released.
Optional Feature
If you want a notification to send when the seeker gets released, alerting all of the hiders, then simply put down a notification device, and put whatever you want in the title and content. Something like “Seeker has been released. The Seeker has been released! Don’t get found, and good luck…” Then connect a wire from the Team 1 Relay to the Notification. Relay Triggered → Send Notification.
Finally, to turn the hiders into spectator mode when they get knocked out by the seeker, follow this guide made by @Tom :

Game Features

Now you’ve got the bare bones of hide and seek done- A seeker gets chosen, the hiders hide, the seeker gets released, and the hiders can’t move. But, just this would be a very boring game. So, you need game features that will make it exciting gameplay and will keep your players always doing something, or going for a goal.
What will the hiders be doing? If they remain unable to move the entire game without anything to do, they would get bored really quick. Here in game features, a lot is left up to you. Do you want them to answer questions to get energy? Or, every x amount of seconds, they could get a small amount of energy. They could choose to use it, so they could wait to store it up. Adding things they could buy with energy would add an exciting aspect to the game. They could be speed upgrades, upgrades that would hurt the Seeker for a period of time, or even expensive weapons that if all the hiders saved up for, they could take down the Seeker. Think of things that would motivate the hiders, while still maintaining the feel of Hide and Seek.
The Seeker
It would also be pretty boring for the Seeker, too. One feature that I added is every 15 seconds, a button would appear on the Seeker’s screen that said “Track Hider”. And, if the Seeker pressed it, a waypoint to a random hider would appear for 4 seconds, giving the Seeker a little hint. All game features are optional and all up to the Game Maker (you), so I won’t be putting any real tutorials in here, but the basic things needed to make the waypoint button are: A Team 2 Relay, A Repeater, An Overlay (button), A Random Player Relay, and a Waypoint. The Seeker could also have upgrades that they could buy to help locate all of the hiders. Think of things that would keep the game interesting for the Seeker, and keep them looking for the hiders.
Also, one final thing that you could do, is instead of switching the hider to spectator mode when being knocked out, you could switch them to Team 2, making them a seeker. This way the Seeker’s team could grow, and the knocked out hiders wouldn’t just sit and watch the game.

And that’s it for my Hide and Seek guide! I hope you found it interesting, and took note of all of the things that can make a game exciting for all players. And if you really did enjoy, I would really appreciate a :heart: . Have fun!


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