The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (Version 2.0)

I’ll make a part two.


I love how we are getting off topic and no one bothered to read my comment.

random question, how do i get into the discord server?

Not soon, it might be my next project after my current one.

Not quite. Ignoring the possibility of just using a gigantic text display, you can place one of each prop on every square. Then, by only having one of the props show at a time, you can show every possible combination of peices on the chessboard.

Well, if you are going to one day make chess, you can always use my ideas:

A limit could be the size of the zones, though. Zones have a limit last time I checked.

You can just make a bigger board.

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It’s true, Zones have a limit. And it can hold a lot of them somehow.

You can optimize this by just checking around the king to see if it is possible for the opponent to take the king. If so, you can then look for squares around the king the king can move to and then squares that a peice can move to to block the check. If there are none, it’s checkmate.


Because I didn’t want to scroll and picked colors that are basically opposite.

@Kyro What
Even I think this isn’t 11/10
Except when I was coming up with it
Then it was

Oh no, @Kyro just votes “1/10” or “11/10” on polls as a joke. @PotionMaster will ALWAYS vote “0/10” on a poll no matter what.

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I was working on a experiment and used this coordinate system which lead me to bump into this guide…

I just bumped into this guide. Nothing special.


I tried to dodge the zones so I couldn’t be tracked, but I accidentally BUMPED into one.


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You do know you could have just hit the wiki button, right?