The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: 🟨 (Version 2.0)

Haha funny glitch when discourse hasn’t updated yet:

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I’m not sure. I haven’t given this really any thought

Light mode! I cannot stand that!

Only light for one reason: my computer forgets when I first log on, and then randomly switches to dark mode while I type, causing me to do some unwanted parkour (jump).

If I were to make chess, here’s what I would do:
First, make the chess pieces. Put a pawn in each square, and the same thing for all the other pieces. Then, make a coordinate system, like your Tamian system! Then I would make turns, followed by making movement. I would do this by, well, I don’t know. I could let the player loose and let them choose a square, or, I could have game overlays and popups let me pin down the exact square they want to go to. Next, I would have tons of block code check if that is a possible move. If yes, then check if there is a piece there. If yes, then check if it is triggering players piece. If yes, do not allow move. If, those are nos, then the move would be possible. Of course, if the piece there is the opponents, then I would check the coordinates of every piece. If it checks and says there is, say, a knight, then the property BKnightL (yes I have decided to have a property for each piece) would go from 33 (example for C3), to 0. Oh, and before chosing where to go, they must run to a square with one of their pieces in it, which will be accomplished with more block code. Then, after every move, it checks for next moves possible. If a next move possible is taking a king, then there is either check or checkmate. Block code checks which one it is. Back to possible moves, if there are no possible moves and the only property that is not 00 is BKing, then there is stalemate. This just repeats until there is checkmate, stalemate, or time runs out, which would be a simple timer that is team set.

Guys, um… i have bad news.

I guess the End game device is going to be the last device for the Wiki post…

NO! Not only is there a max, but we are over it!

Of course, we could always make a continued post.

Welp, looks like End game device is the last device we’ll know in that TUG wiki post…

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Should we delete user assignments?

Ask whoever made it. I think @mysz, right?

We should make a part 2.

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Part 2… That can clutter up the forum.

Well, what else can we do?

Nothing…I guess End game device is the last device forever in the wikipost.

I agree with @NavyCatZ.

We can make a part two and link it from part one. Again, not much we can do but it will be weird if we just gave up on it because of a character limit. I don’t see why it will clutter the forum since it’s just another guide.

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as long as if the mods says it clutters up the forum, don’t blame me for it since making a part 2 wasn’t my idea

Question on the guide:
Why did you use dark scraps and concrete, instead of dark scraps and light scraps?

Trying to add checkers :joy: :