The polarain way to alternating lasers!

I know someone already made this guide, but I found a way that uses less memory!
Place two wire repeaters. I don’t need a photo for that., wire them like this:
Screenshot 2024-01-02 9.58.40 AM
Next, you place a laser, one wire repeater activates it, the other deactivates it, be sure to set a delay! If you want two or more lasers, I will make a diagram; the yellow wires show lasers activating, blue show them deactivating.


ngl the second don’t really make sense
like is it channels or wires?

Probably wires because Wire Repeaters can’t broadcast a message on channel.

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sooooo another guide on this?

Yes, I made a more memory effecient way no offence

Connect A Lifecycle To One Of The Wire Repeaters, Event occurs —> Repeat the wire pulse!

That isn’t offensive. If it is really better, that’s fine.

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Nice guide! An even more life-saving way to do this would to wire the laser manager to the wire repeaterloop. Then you can just add as many lasers to that group as you want!


Did you read the guide or just look at the pictures?

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doesn’t matter, there aren’t any wires actually connected to the lasers
thats why I was confused

I didn’t want to go through every. single. thing.
So I made the diagram thing

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