Can someone help me with on-off laser cycle thing?

I have already made a system that turns lasers on and off in a cycle, but I have no idea how to make it so my laser cycle (that turns it on and off just like in One Way Out) will turn on and off evenly. Can soneone help???

Hello, welcome to the forum! Based on the resolved tag and the comment you made on another post, you have solved this I assume?

If not, I’m guessing you used dragontamer’s guide. If so, set both repeaters to the same time interval, and make the wire repeater also match that same interval in its delay setting.

I just made the delay on the wire repeater half of the delay on the repeaters. It solved the problem. And yes, dragontamer’s guide helped me :slight_smile:

Also, the resolved tag is unused because we have solutions now.


Welcome to the comunity, @Flames!

Yeah if you solved it, mark a solution.

Maybe use my guide: The polarain way to alternating lasers!

It can be used by regulars when the topic is reolved but no solution is marked.

just use a laser beam manager, its a device and if you set some lasers to the manager it will turn them on and off

or use repeater->laser when repeater runs task, deactivate laser and then another repeater with when runs task->activate laser and just adjust the time accordingly