How to create lazers?

Please help me with this proceeding problem any help will be favored and be very helpful!

Use the laser beam device

you can also control a group of the lasers through the laser beam manager device

How do i create the damage they do or color??

If you click on the laser then, go to all options and scroll down you should see it.

click the + button in the top right. Click “devices” and search “laser beam”
click on this and place it. Click on the laser beam and it will show these two options.

But can i also change the size or the length and how do I make it go on and off?

to change the size, click the change size button in the settings, shown in the bottom left of my screenshot. To turn them on or off, use a laser beam manager device.

yes, but the game mode “One Way Up” it uses lazers in diagonally or horizontally how do you do that?

Clikc on the laser then click on the button in the bottom left corner

The polarain way to alternating lasers!
Use this.

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