Patterning Lasers without using Repeaters

like maybe use a laser manager

Well, i mean like turning lasers on and off repeatedly, but i’ll try.

well then you might use a checker or wire repeater lol
maybe a counter even

did you get it to work
or is it not working

Not working…

I need screenshots.

sorry I’m on pc at the moment and can’t do that
but If you can get screenshots on here, idk how to do it

You can get screenshots on PC…

Which device are you on?

wdym pc
it says thinkcentre

[quote=“Trasch, post:7, topic:23983”]
sorry I’m on pc

[quote=“Trasch, post:9, topic:23983”]
wdym pc
You said you’re on pc, and now you don’t know what it means, or am i getting confused?

Ok, nevermind. What OS does your pc named Thinkcentre in? Windows 10, Windows 11, Chromebook, Etc.

I am on a PC
like not a chromebook
the bigger one
like gaming pc style I guess
i think windows but idk what

Did you set your own background on your PC?

no I mean-
This is a school computer
now, I’m gonna try to explain how to pattern it without using screenshots

what kind of patterning do you need
like just blinking

Like a repeating laser that turns on and off for 5 seconds.

soo I think you need a timer
I think you can do that with a counter
I gtg
also nvm I know absolutely nothing about how to do this there’s probably a guide on this
my original method didn’t work

I couldn’t do it without enough information, but atleast you tried.

I think that if you put them in a sort of pattern, to where it can turn off and on. ( Sorry if I misunderstood the question. )

Yeah, but i don’t even know how to do it.

It’s okay.

I looked everywhere, I don’t think that you can do it without repeaters.

Use my guide, it uses wire repeaters:
The polarain way to alternating lasers!