The MOON guide to FNAF 2

Credit To @Haiasi [ scroll ] The Ultimate Guide To FNAF 1! I woke up today and I told myself what if I make The Ultimate Guide To FNAF 2.

Do not publish a FNAF map!


Start by putting Two game overlay name the first one Flashlight and make it a button and put both scope to player to the same thing with the other one but name it turn off flashlight and make it not visible on game start. and put two Wire Repeater and don’t forget a barrier, make it like this

now for the wire part wire both overlay like this

Now Wire The overlay to The wire repeater Wire Repeater Receives pulse Show overlay Button pressed Repeat the Wire Pulse do that with the other overlay
Wire the first repeater to the barrier
when the wire repeater receives a pulse deactivate barrier.
now do the same thing to the other overlay but make the barrier activate

Flashlight Energy

Put a Counter and make the starting value six and the target 0 then put a repeater like this.

Wire the first wire repeater from the flashlight to the Repeater.

And for the second wire repeater like this

And your done this part

Freddy mask

Do the same thing as the flashlight but just make the overlay put mask on and take mask off

Foxy Flashlight system

Wire a button to start a repeater then wire the repeater to counter (Decrement)
Set counter target to zero wire counter to end game (Target value reached end game)


First make a button and wire it to hide a briefcase for the vent and then put another button and do the same instead show prop

Toy Freddy
Toy Bonnie

This is the exact same ai as Bonnie from @Haiasi guide
Place a Lifecycle and a Repeater.
Connect the Lifecycle to the Repeater.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs > (Repeater) Start Repeater

Now, connect the Repeater to a Trigger.

(Repeater) Repeater Runs Task —> (Trigger) Trigger

Now, put this in the blockcode.
(I think you could shorten it using concatenation)

if Get Property “ToyBonnieAI” = 1
do Set “ToyBonnieAI” to random integer from 0 to 20

if “ToyBonnieAI” < Get Property “ToyBonnieAI”
do Broadcast Message On Channel “Toybonniemovementopportunity”

Now, go to the props you used for bonnie.

Set all of them except the one on Show Stage to show on “Toybonniemovementopportunity.”

Now, wire all the props together to hide themselves when one is made visible.
This will make sure that bonnie won’t be in multiple locations at the same time.

(Prop) Prop Made Visible —> (Prop) Hide Prop

Repeat them until the Property “ToyBonnieAI” is 20.


The step-by-step instructions show a deep understanding of game mechanics and programming, making it accessible for others who may want to create a similar project. Thank you.


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