How to make Foxy flashlight system from FNAF 2

use this guide for the flashlight The MOON guide to FNAF 2 and do that. put a armor stand and put a counter and make it start at 60 and target value is 0 put two wire repeater and wire them together and wire it to the counter to decrease when wire repeater receives a pulse and wire the armor stand to the wire repeater and when it deactivate reset counter and make it when target value reach end game.

That it my first guide.


Nice first guide, @Sun! Maybe adding pictures and more information would benefit this topic! Make sure you read new-user-must-read and Welcome to the Forums!.

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Great guide @Sun good job

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that was the wrong link, sorry- i can’t find the right one…

Nice Guide @Sun ! This is kind of short, though…And remember, pictures are powerful!

Wow! Great Job!

also, you should make your future guides more organized and well-structured, as people may have a hard time understanding when everything is strung together (and grammar).

Why should @Sun check that.

wrong link oops

Well it is his first guide.

ik, just some tips

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I love this guide @Sun - especially for your first guide. It is kinda short (Add pictures to make it longer!)

His time going to run out soon sadly.

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